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Last updated 12/20/98

Welcome to the team NXP website. Here you will find the current information on what we are doing, as well as downloads and other good stuff. We are always in search of knowledge about how netmech works, if you know of anything that we dont know, let us know, we need all the help and info we can get. :)


The Project


Our current project is based around adding new mechs, maps, maybe even weapons into netmech. Currently we are kinda stuck out on a limb because our source project (Ghost Bears Legacy) seems to be incompatible with the netmech project. Our next attempt will be to extract things from MW2 DOS, we know these will be compatible, its just a matter of getting them to work in multiplayer.


Our main focus is to expand Netmech and/or get GBL to run in multiplayer


GBL : Ghost Bears Legacy (Currently suspended)12/16

Updated 12/16/98

Another one of our projects we have been playing around with. We know that GBL has some primitive networking code built into it, the only problem is it will only run on a NETBIOS network :( On top of that, the network is VERY primitive.. connections and starting coordinates are determined by a ini file that must be edited manually. Someday we might be able to figure it out :)

Networking (?)12/16

I got ahold of a few text files from a guy trying to get Netmech to run with the GBL engine a few years ago.. gave us some good info. But again, if you know anything about it, let us know :)

We suspect it might be possible to get GBL to run in this multiplayer mode using the old NETDEMO programs. I have yet to get ahold of a copy to try this though. (its on the old Mech2 CD, all i have is this stupid 3drage edition)



Updated 12/20/98

Battlemaster 12/16

Our most recent project in netmech was as many of you know, the Battlemaster. By changing some of the hex code in a file, we were able to enable the battlemaster. The only drawbacks to this:

  1. The Battlemaster replaces the Tarantula, so you can no longer use it
  2. People playing without the patch will only see a bouncing Tarantula
  3. Although it is easily stronger than the Warhawk or Marauder, the Battlemaster has some problems with bounding spheres. I believe it to be caused by an unusually large hip sphere that causes damage to hit the center torso.


We are currently trying to figure out exactly how bounding spheres are determined, and how to alter them. The only way i can think to go about that, is to make mechs in MW2 Mercenaries, see how they are determined when you build them and observe the hex code changes when you change them. We could use this data to alter the current mech spheres.


You can get the Battlemaster BETA v.02 here . To use the patch, put it in your netmech folder and apply it to net.prj . BACK UP YOUR NET.PRJ BEFORE INSTALLING.

We take no responsibility for any damages caused by this patch because you were to lazy to backup your net.prj like we told you. You have been warned...

NOTE: No leagues as of yet support this patch, which doesnt matter since it is still in BETA phase. Before we make it official, we still need to make a mechlab animation file, as well as maybe fix the bounding sphere problems. Most of the leagues also want a program that will detect and scan these mechs (like MLM). But that can be someone elses job, we are busy with this <G> The purpose of this patch for right now is for people to have FUN, keep that in mind.

Importing (UPDATE) 12/20

We have had some great progress with importing mechs from GBL. Its a little bit time consuming, but it works. Its just a matter of copying the Polygons from the GBL prj file to te netmech prj file. Currently we are trying to figure out how exactly the index system works so we can just add the new polys at the bottom instead of having to paste them over existing mechs (its a real pain that way). Once we get the index system working, adding in new maps will be a snap. Heres some pics from our early experements


As far as maps go, we havent really gone there yet because weve been busy with the mechs. I can tell you however, our first map that we have planned is the Mineshaft on Galuzza. Activision origionally planned to include this map in netmech (all the briefing files are in the PRJ, the only thing missing is the SCN itself, which luckily, is in the GBL prj file :) but for some reason, chose not to. Ill have to get a few pics from it and post it here, its a rather interesting map.

The map itself is a rather nice 8 player free for all map. It has 8 starting points in a big circle, kind of like an arena, and a big cone in the middle. Youd have to see it for yourself, quite a nice map.


GBL has all of the netmech maps included in it (!). Just takes some command line parameters to activate them, which i might post at a later time. In GBL, they are the same maps, but improved in many ways. The Graus in GBL has a rolling hills floor, instead of flat. Alshain has much more realistic looking bridges, and the radar dish on Carse actually spins! After getting the mineshaft mission in, our next project will be to bring in these improved maps to Netmech.

Our next idea is to import things from MW2 DOS. As far as we know, starting points are put into the userstar file, so i theory, we should be able to use some of those cool single player maps in there. Another idea is to import some other items, such as dropships, aerotechs, and turrets. The one thing i would really love to have, is that giant shield from that one mission, i loved that thing....

Elementals 12/16

We have also been considering altering the STD elemental configuration. Maybe a SPLAS and SSRM2 instead of SLASER and MGUN. It is also possible for us to alter the NUKE weapon to have a range of only say.. 2 meters. Take that weapon and put it on an elemntals arm, and you now have an emulation of the elementals "claw". Just an idea.


Ghost Bears Revenge

Netmech Expansion pack 12/20


Oh yes, we are gonna do it :) The netmech expansion pack be a FREE download containing our "altered" netmech files allowing netmech players to experience new mechs, maps, maybe even new weapons. Why did we call it Ghost Bears Revenge? Well, because all the new things in it are coming from the Ghost Bears Legacy expansion pack, so it only made sense :)

what we have planned so far...

Mechs: (the ones that we would like to put in, if time permits)

Kodiak, Grizzly, Hatomoto-Chi, Raven, Atlas, Horned Owl, Victor


Mineshaft: Galuzza


Depending on how well accepted the idea is, we might add the elemental "claw". There is also the possibility of Flamers, Arrow4s, Inferno SRMS, and maybe narcs. (until we find the correct collision codes, AMS will not be available because it wont work right :( )

So far we are on schedule to have an early test version available in about 2 weeks. Screenshots will be posted as we get them, so check back often.


The BETA test will begin when we have a definite date on when the importing will be finished. Until then, we will just tease you with screenshots :)